Tech Comm Club

Are you interested in networking, building relationships, gaining experience, and getting ahead in the field of technical communication? Student membership in the Tech Comm Club can help.


Being part of the Tech Comm Club will help you get connected to students, WCC faculty and professionals who share your interests.

Building Relationships

The friends you make in the Tech Comm Club will give you support as you go through college. They can also become valuable professional contacts as you search for employment.

Gaining Experience

Joining the Tech Comm Club will keep you up to date on current trends in Technical Communication. Our meetings and outings will build your knowledge and experience in the field.

Getting Ahead

Membership in a club that is relevant to your field of study looks great on applications to 4-year schools and can be a great addition to your job search materials.


We will meet twice a month. Please contact a club officer to be added to the e-mail list.

Contact Information

Faculty Advisor:
Lisa Veasey

Nora Bonner

Vice President:
Emily Simon

Position Available

Communications and Marketing Officer
Michael Hylton

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