English as a Second Language

We believe that everyone can learn a second language and that students learn best in an atmosphere of active involvement in the classroom. To this end, we have developed a complete program of courses to help students achieve the level of English proficiency they need for their own goals. Our placement test will get you started in the right classes.

Our ESL program is intended for adult learners of English who live in the United States (citizens, immigrants, other visa holders, etc.)

How much English is enough?

Students should determine their own language learning goals. Below are some general guidelines:

A college education Students who wish to attend college level classes or work in a professional field need sophisticated spoken and written English. They should complete classes through the Advanced Level.
Comfort with English Other students want to be comfortable reading English newspapers and speaking English in informal settings. They do not expect to do formal writing in English. These students should take classes through the Intermediate Level.
A job Other students want to find a job as quickly as possible. They need to understand spoken English and to have effective strategies for communicating. These students should complete classes through high beginning (ENG 023, ENG 024, and ENG 025).